CloudFlare is a service that runs in front of your website. It interrogates all of the traffic going to your website to clean and accelerate all requests. Not only does this protect your website against attacks, it also makes your website faster to load.

  • It provides the fastest connection possible to all visitors. Using CloudFlare’s 101 (and growing) data centres, all visitors are routed to the nearest data centre allowing your website to load faster for your visitors no matter where they are located.
  • It analyses all requests for your website to determine if the visitor/request is a threat. The visitor’s IP address is also checked. It checks for what is being requested, what is being posted, how frequently requests are being made and more. Suspicious activity is then blocked so genuine visitors can quickly access your website.
  • Static content such as images, scripts and CSS are cached. The nearest CloudFlare data centre then delivers this content quicker than your web server could have provided them.
  • Your websites code is optimised to load more efficiently.
  • Site Performance Improvement
  • Offline Browsing Mode
  • Lower Resource Usage
  • Mobile Device Optimisation
  • SSL Support
  • Bot and Threat Protection
  • DoS (Denial of Service) Protection
  • Spam Comments Protection
  • Alerts visitors if their computer is infected

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