Email Solutions

Email Solutions

Our email and cloud services work together to give you easy access to your files between computers and access spam free email, giving you the ability to work remotely with ease. 

We understand that with growing companies, files and emails will need to be accessed and created, with our email and cloud services, we can get your new team members up on their feet immediately. 

So what exactly does our email and cloud service offer: 

  • 25GB email storage per account
  • Daily backups of emails
  • Advanced virus and spam filtering
  • Access to emails from any country regardless of ISP 
  • Access to secure webmail 
  • Advanced email recovery system
  • Automated out of office responders
  • Automated set up
  • Unlimited telephone support during office hours

Providing you with our knowledge and expertise with emails, we work to make sure your emails are secure, and will be on hand at all times to answer any queries you may have. 

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