Dedicated Servers

Depending on your requirements, you may want to have your own, Fully Managed Dedicated Server. We can provide a server dedicated for only your website(s).  We can help you design a customised server/hosting infrastructure for your mission critical applications, websites and workloads.  We can help you optimise the infrastructure so you get the most out of your application.  From server, network and storage configuration, monitoring and support.


A dedicated server would be suitable for you if you;

  • Require hosting for large or multiple websites.
  • Have a website that experiences large volumes of traffic.
  • Require your own specific software.
  • Require increased security measures on your website.


The benefits of Dedicated Servers;

  • Higher levels of security and control, helps address your security and compliance requirements.
  • High performance to support the most demanding application with up to 72 processor cores, 12TB of local SSD storage capacity and up to 3TB of RAM per server.
  • Architecture design to meet your requirements.
  • We can help you migrate you applications, creating a smooth and easy transition.
  • Address security and compliance requirements.

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