Content Updates

Content Updates

It’s easy to write content for your page and never touching it again. We ensure that this isn’t the case. Along with Keyword Research & Analytics we can keep your website up to date and optimised for the best keywords for your services.

Content is the most important factor of the website. What is the design without the content? Your website could look fantastic, but if your content is boring and doesn't explain to your customers what you do within the first sentence, then you're not going to reap the benefits.
Working hand in hand with keyword research, your content should reflect your services. Once you have chosen your keywords you want to focus on, you will go on to incorporate these into your content. 

As they say, if you can explain something in two sentences or less, this shows you understand what you're talking about, enforce this in your content updates. 

Here at What If, we'll work with you to ensure your content is kept consistently fresh and updated, to help you achieve optimal SEO results. 

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