Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions

Sometimes it takes a situation where we are forced to change how we work to identify shortcomings in the way we have become accustomed to work. It's only when we are unable to do what we normally do that we look to take the steps that enable us to carry on working. The good news is we are hear to help!


You have completed the first step, you will know what needs to be changed or improved. Your next step is to contact us to see where we can help. We are offering all our clients, new and old free advice and guidance to help you make decisions that will enable your business to work remotely and/or through troubled times. Don't worry, we will not bamboozle you with abbreviations such as; BCP (Business Continuity Planning), DR (Disaster Recovery) or RDC (Remote Desktop Connections) although ultimately, these are the underlying issues we are able to help you with.


  1. Communication with your clients
  2. Communication between your staff

Here are some examples of solutions we can help you with:


  • Updates to your website - To better direct client contact and options in the event that you are working remotely. To provide a communication channel to your clients to explain what is happening and how you are still able to help/provide products/service to them. Adding FAQ's to your website to allow customer to access and answer the most common questions. Adding a Client Area to your website for the sharing of information such as artwork, specifications, quotes and invoices.
  • Adding Text Chat Apps to your website - A communication channel that allows customers to communicate with you no matter where you are.
  • Video Conferencing - An alternative to face-to-face meetings and your ability to conduct remote webinars, meetings and presentations.


We are a reseller for Office365 and this is the product we use ourselves to facilitate remote working and improve communication between staff and clients, not just a solution for remote working.  Not only are we able to provide you with the full suite of Office365 Applications, we are also able to help set these up for you and provide training and guidance on how best to use them.

With Office365 you have access to the following:

  • Outlook for access to your emails and calendars.
  • The full suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • OneDrive for centrally storing your files for sharing between all members of staff and client from anywhere* and not just in your office (*access restrictions controlled on a user-by-user basis, it is also possible to restrict access to files and make certain files available to certain people).
  • Teams to allow you to maintain multiple projects all at the same time and grant access to each team on a case-by-case basis. Teams gives you access to all of the following and more:
    • A text based chat application allow your staff a quick and easy communication system.
    • Calls and Video Conferencing keeping your staff fully connected to each other.
    • Shared Calendars to allow all staff members to see (for example); what needs to be done and by when, important meetings and whose on holiday when.Shared files that relate specifically to that project.
  • Teams allows you to access all the information from various devices you may have, such as your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. No matter where you are you are able to access the information you need.
  • You also have access to SharePoint which enables you to create an Intranet linking all the information from your Office365 suite in one place. An Intranet is a great tool for allowing you to control important information with your staff.

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